Our code of conduct

Sustainability comes as standard at Ran By Nature, but we also care about people and production just as much as the planet. Based around our core beliefs as a business, our code of conduct holds ourselves and everyone we work with to the highest standards. You deserve the best.

Living wage Statement

At Ran By Nature, we believe that workers should be paid a fair wage that enables them to live a decent life with their families. This includes being able to afford a place to live, food, transportation, education, healthcare, clothing, and other basic needs. Unfortunately, many clothing factories do not pay workers a living wage.

To make sure that all of our products are made by workers who are paid fairly, we visit our
manufacturing facilities (Tier 1 supplier in the UK). We compare the wages paid by our manufacturers to the living wage standards recommended by experts and a third-party benchmark. We make sure that our manufacturers pay at least the local living wage or more. We also make sure to check on them every year.

By doing this, we make sure that our workers are treated fairly and can live a good life, and we encourage other companies to do the same.

Sustainability Statement

We are committed to sourcing the most innovative, durable and sustainable activewear out there.
From fabric to thread, we keep nature at the heart of everything we create. We will never use animal products. We recognize the five freedoms of animal welfare. And we ban all fur and exotic animal skin.


Being an ethical business with integrity means everything to us, and we support the UN’s sustainable development goals. In particular:

Goal 5 -  Empower women and girls and ensure their equal rights 

Goal 10 - Reduce inequalities 

Goal 12 - Responsible production and consumption 

Goal 13 - Climate action

Goal 15 - Plant a tree and help protect the environment 

We always stand by our word, and stay true to our mission of giving people from all backgrounds, ages and sizes the confidence to enjoy exercise in nature. We do this with our ethically produced, eco-friendly athleisure and always offset our carbon emissions by planting trees in collaboration with Tree Sisters and Trees For Life. And donating a percentage of our profits to charities working for equal rights.


Our loyalty is always to the environment and we would never create a product that compromised the planet in any way. We are continually assessing the environmental impact of everything we do, and think of nature first when choosing fabrics, packaging and trims.


You can trust that anyone who works with us is always safe, healthy and paid a fair wage. From the people who make our garments, down to the freelancers who help design our graphics and logos, everyone is treated fairly, kindly and with the respect they deserve. We trust them to deliver great work, and they trust us to always do right by them.


We are all about transparency and traceability, and you can read our sustainability page to find more info on exactly who makes our clothes, how they are made and where they are made. Wherever possible we try to be zero waste and use the most natural option available, but if we can’t, we’ll always be upfront and tell you.  

Respecting human rights

We work in line with the Fair Labor Association’s code of conduct, respecting the International Labour Organizations five fundamental principles and rights at work, as well as The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the The United Nations Global Compact. Those might sound complicated, but it’s simple really, we respect everyone.