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Our Story

At Ran By Nature, we create ethical athleisure you can actually work out in. From custom length leggings, to elasticated drawstring waistbands, we take all bodies into consideration, because we know one size does not fit all. We’re seasonless, inclusive and sustainable as standard. Oh, and we’re into sports.

Not in a ‘take a selfie, but never sweat’ kind of way. We make clothes to break boundaries and personal bests. Our leggings are made with hot chafing thighs in mind, and our sports hijab and durag don’t just look nice, they also offer proper protection where you truly need it too. And you don’t need to just take our word for it. Our products have been independently tested, because we’re not into hollow messaging.

Our Mission

It’s no surprise that nature is a big part of our brand. We like admiring it, working out in it, and protecting it. That’s why all of our clothes are made in the UK from eco-friendly, recycled fabrics that do nothing but good for the environment.

We give 10% of our profits to charity too. We switch up who we support for different products, so check our socials to find out more.

Our dream is to become a B corp, so we can put all of our profits back into charities and initiatives that focus on getting underrepresented groups into sports and activity. Maybe that’s funding a disabled person to become a personal trainer, or helping to sponsor a BAME/BIPOC swimming club in the UK.

For now, we’re happy to start our journey here with you. Creating sustainable clothing that gives you the confidence to go into the outdoors and get active. Pull on those leggings and lace up those trainers. Nature is calling.

Our Founder

Ran By is an anagram of Bryna, the name of our inspiring founder.

Born in England but now based abroad, she is an Associate Professor in Exercise Science who spends her time studying the link between exercise and health. She’s also a big fan of athleisure, and wanted to create a sportswear brand that catered to all sizes, races and ages while still being sustainable. She founded Ran By Nature in 2020, and the rest is history.